Learning Bee Skep Weaving and more

There are courses enough that will learn you to weave a traditional beeskep. But non of them, takes in account that the skeps have to be used, and not for a few years, but for more then a lifetime, so that our grandchildren can say, what granny did was really worthfull!

If you come to me to learn the beeskep weaving technique, I will learn you to make not only beautiful but also very strong skeps. For me it is not enough that you can stand on your selfproduced skep, no it is not allowed that it bounds visibly when you are standing up it. Fortunately, you don’t have to be strong yourself, to weave strong skeps, but you have to know how to do that!

I will learn you to gather and prepare your own binding material. It is almost impossible to find someone that cannot find enough binding material in his neighbourhood, lets say within 5 Miles from her of his domicile. That can be twigs or roots or bark or leaves. And we can bind, ryestrow, but also many species of wild grasses and more.  I do not know all the species of plants that are suitable, but I do know a lot of them and I will show you and I will tell you the principles of finding it out yourself with the vegatation in your neighbourhood.

Besides skep weaving, with its difficult beginning, and important ending, I will tell you how to prepare the new skep, if you want to know that, for the colony of bees that will come into. I can also explain to you, what older, empty but earlier used skeps tell me. That can be, how they are made, or the material, but sometimes also, how strong the colony was, that have been there inside.

I will also tell and show you how to work with cowdung as a cover over the utterside of the skep. And I will tell you what is wrong with some other materials that are known for this purpose.

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Latest check 4 january 2023